Never Retreat, and we never will!


For those of you living under a rock (or some other heavy, mineral-based object) Phat Dee’s "Never Retreat" music video was launched Friday the 1st of August at The Club in Kings Cross. Everyone was there! Phat Dee, the StillSearchin Crew... uh, waitresses...

Did we say waitresses already?

Filming for the clip took place on Saturday the 14th of June at Sydney Props Specialist in Marrickville with Jimmy Khouri taking the reins on the project: shooting, directing, and editing the clip for the Western Sydney rapper. Ross Page co-directed the clip, lending his experience to the project as well as handling lighting. The StillSearchin Crew were in their element, breaking hearts and writing cheques that YOUR BUTT can't cash, with filming for the clip being completed in under a day!

We even had time to take a couple #selfies

Casey Hope did a brilliant job as 1st Assistant Director (as always), with Misty McPhail acting as Floor Manager and Nathalie Jerez assisting with Wardrobe whilst running around taking happy snaps (I believe they call this phenomenon "Social Media"). The talented Nicole Lance also made her StillSearchin debut as Hair & Make-Up Artist, her deft touch with the make-up brush adding that extra level of AWESOME an AWESOME production needs to grow big and strong!

Phat Dee himself stars in the clip accompanied by professional dancers Ashley Simmons and Kayla Clarke, whose energy and straight-up HOTNESS gave the production more credibility than it's probably worth! But we'll let you be the judge of that. Watch the clip for yourself below and let us know what think... if we haven't


And no, we won't tell you what Orries means ;)

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