It was a rare opportunity for SSP’s Casey Hope who has just wrapped in her debut directing role for Gloves, Rings and Unfortunate Wagers. Six days of shooting across Penrith, Kingswood and the Sutherland Shire wasn’t without highlights as Casey faced filming in one of her most challenging locations to date: a boxing ring!

Boxing isn’t really my scene – so to film in the ring was a new learning experience for me” says director Casey Hope. “We choreographed the fight but when filming got underway we just let the boys go and the whole scene came about very organically – it pretty much unfolded as one huge take, the only take we needed.” The shoot involved seven crew plus eight cast members – all of whom Casey was quick to commend. “Western Sydney is home to a huge talent pool – you just have to find it.” SSP would like to give a massive shout out to Double Dragon Martial Arts Gym as well as O’Neill’s Physiotherapy in Glossodia – both of which offered their businesses as great locations for the film.

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