Short film NIGHT OWLS shoot is a hoot!

Night Owls follows two individuals who hook up through a dating app, only to discover they’ve made a horrible mistake. He is laid back and carefree, she is conservative and a self-confessed perfectionist. What happens next is anyone’s guess…

Still Searchin’ Productions have just wrapped on their next short film! Described as one hell of a hook-up story, Night Owls brings to life the ultimate disastrous date we’ve all experienced – and don’t wish to repeat!

Night Owls marks SSP’s first collaboration with the creative team at Revil Films. Written by Nathalie Jerez and produced by Jonathan Chapman, the dynamic duo adds a modern twist to the story of star- crossed lovers.

SSP’s director Ross Page reunited with kick-ass-istant director Casey Hope to create this short dramedy, and for the first time, he had Matthew C. Vella from Vellamatt Films behind the camera as DOP.

All together, seven cast (plus our gorgeous, and very patient extras!) and ten crew members came together to film in locations across Parramatta, Cherrybrook, Northmead and Penrith to produce this short film.

Night Owls is writer Nathalie’s first project since the hit short film, Sleep, released in 2012. So, do we smell a sequel?

Night Owls was never intended as a sequel to Sleep”, says Nathalie, “I get that there are similarities, and we did purposely chuck in a few Easter eggs as a throwback for eager viewers. The audience’s reaction to Sleep was split amongst the sexes – so I did intentionally try to shake that up. The result hopefully sits somewhere between laughing your ass off and wanting to throw your popcorn at the screen!”

Lead actors, Sana’a Shaik and Jeremy Raftos, spoke to us about the script while on set.

“Modern dating etiquette and tools such as dating apps make it so easy to misrepresent yourself online these days” says Sana’a.

Jeremy adds, “But also, and I think maybe less obviously, it is just as easy to make your own misrepresentations and judgements about others. It’s something we’re all guilty of and Night Owls definitely touches on that”.

Follow Night Owls on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Night Owls is set to debut at the sixth annual Made in the West Film Festival on 25 November 2017.

**Note: Special thanks to Celeste, Ryan and the magnificent Freya for allowing access to shoot in your humble abode, Dan Acetate for loaning us your sick equipment, and Cherrybrook Uniting Church for letting us take over your solemn space for a short while.

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